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The Application:
1. Name: paul-ee-ohhhh
2. Age: 17
3. Sex: i dont think having a penis makes you male what about bisexuals?
4. Location: bakersfield, california i eat it for breakfast

What do you do when your not masturbating to the rhythm of blast beats/getting harassed by chaos punks?: intoxicate my senses whether it be with music, drugs or what have you
5. What do you think about Anarchy?: it's cute, little idealistic though innit?
6. What do you think about Racism?: long as theres people there'll be rascists
7. What do you think about Sexism?: wrong and bad and not good
8. How do you feel about Religion?: hee hee christians iz dumb
9. What’s up with them Vegans/Vegetarians?: commendable but dont try to shove it down my throat
10. How about Vivisection?: how bout usin nazis instead animals

11. Favorite Bands: rudimentary peni, dead kennedys, the mob
12. Favorite Books: the only half decent book i've ever read is no one here gets out alive
13. Favorite Movies: evil dead, taxi driver, seven samurai
14. Favorite Song: not to touch the earth(doors), riot(dk), bloody jellies or tower of strength(rp)

15. Complete this sentence: "I'm a zombie the dead buried me,my piercing eyes they just couldnt see"
16. What do you think a Skull Punk is?: i think it was something having to do with a nick blinko drawing and it has something to do with a love for nick blinko
17. What is The Blasphemy Squad?: a skull punk crew i'd imagine
18. Why are Skull Punks Hippies?: cos maybe skull punks like g.i.s.m. as well and they say punks is hippies
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