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hhhhello, michael, you look up movie times on computer yes?


1. Name: Josh
2. Age: 17
3. Sex: male
4. Location: larchmont, new york, a few blocks away from andrew

5. What do you think about Anarchy?: it depends. i consider myself an anarcho-syndicalist. i believe that power corrupts and that groups/organizations are harmful. i do not believe in leaders or the idea that one person should have authority over another. i'm not saying that my ideas are air tight, in fact i often wonder how hospitals and mass transit would work under an anarcho-syndicalist system. when i think of the word "anarchy" i think of anarchist villages in Spain in 1937, communes in the 1960s and the uprising in Paris in 1968.
6. What do you think about Racism?: i think that racism is the product of bad economic conditions and a lack of education. I am opposed to racism in all of its forms.
7. What do you think about Sexism?: unfortunately, sexism is deeply ingrained into culture…it’s something that needs to be fought and gender roles need to be destroyed.
8. How do you feel about Religion?: I hate religion, it is the system that enforces racism, sexism and classsism.
9. What’s up with them Vegans/Vegetarians?: they’re cool. I’ve been a vegetarian for a little more than two years and vegan for about one week…hahahaha.
10. How about Vivisection?: fuck experiments conducted on animals.

11. Favorite Bands: the mob, zounds, rudimentary peni, flux of pink indians, crass, dirt, the epileptics, icons of filth, poison girls, antischism, treason, conflict, the lost cherrees, reagan youth, anthrax (uk), assuck, crucifix, the partisans
bands that I like but haven’t heard that much of: part 1, omega tribe, the cravats
12. Favorite Books: catch-22, the autobiography of Malcolm x, the great gatsby, invisible man
13. Favorite Movies: I can’t think of any right now
14. Favorite Song: too many... another day another death-the mob, no doves fly here-the mob, witch hunt-the mob, teenage time killer-rudimentary peni, nothing but a nightmare-rudimentary peni, fear-zounds, can’t cheat karma-zounds, subvert-zounds, dutchmen-rudimentary peni, army of jesus-rudimentary peni, tower of strength-rudimentary peni, progress-flux of pink indians…I’m stopping here.

15. Complete this sentence: "I'm a zombie the dead buried me,____________________"
I don’t know what to say to this…the lyric is wrong above, it’s from the song Dead Living by Rudimentary Peni, it should be: I’m a zombie, the crowd buried me, my piercing eyes they just couldn’t see, I’m a zombie a death in their life, I’m a zombie no peace in their strife…

16. What do you think a Skull Punk is?: a skull punk is one who loves rudimentary peni, nick blinko and his artwork, the magits and h.p. lovecraft.
17. What is The Blasphemy Squad?: taken from the song “blasphemy squad” by rudimentary peni….me and andrew stealing fish….perhaps there is another one somewhere else
18. Explain the saying "Skull Punks Is Hippies": there’s “punks is hippies” by g.i.s.m., the saying maintains that skull punks are similar to hippies who are cool
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