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i guess im forced to fill this out. dont be mad if its half assed

The Application:
1. Name:cat
2. Age:19
3. Sex:female
4. Location:vacaville CA

5. What do you think about Anarchy?:im not an anarchist. i think anarchy is impractical and chaotic
6. What do you think about Racism?:i do not support it in any way intolherance equals ignorance
7. What do you think about Sexism?:equal rights equals equal fights; haha, well i feel that judging a person by their sex is a big mistake and just as ignorant as racism, i could beat any of you fucks up and IM A WOMAN...ROAR!
8. How do you feel about Religion?:i personally feel its an organized scam started way back when to give people hope for a future and reason to procreate
9. What’s up with them Vegans/Vegetarians?:i am one...whoo hoo for all of em cos its a dedicated life choice and i support all who atleast give it a try for the right reasons
10. How about Vivisection?:...thats disgusting and wrong. if i dont eat animals why would i support them being brutalized?

11. Favorite Bands:aw man, PENI!!!!!!!!!!, crass!, um...err...econochrist...uh...fleas and lice...a//political, capitalist casualties, THE CURE!!!!!!!<< yay for all! god i cant name favorite bands
12. Favorite Books:i seem to enjoy anything by Noam Chomsky or Eric Schlosser...sometimes some Stephen King
13. Favorite Movies:requiem for a dream, spun, fear & loathing in L.V.
14. Favorite Song:umm...i dont know

15. Complete this sentence: "I'm a zombie the crowd buried me, WHY CANT I SEE MY FEET?!?!??!" i know i know, whatever, i wanted to be difficult. we all love peni here, even if we get lyrics wrong...
16. What do you think a Skull Punk is?: some mediocre peni/magits/blinko obsessed person...oh how i wish i got that label...hehe
17. What is The Blasphemy Squad?:a squad of lads and lassies from all over the states, dedicated to rudimentary peni/magits/blinko...basically, a squad of fucking skull punks
18. Explain the saying "Skull Punks Is Hippies": well, its the G.I.S.M. thing but like, skull punks, cos thats what these fools is...

DO I WIN? HAHAHAH. man this creep wont leave me alone. i blocked him on aim so he got a yahoo name...and found me on punkconnect...ack! help!
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