El Lobo (cursethesky) wrote in impailedbychaos,
El Lobo

1. Name:abe
2. Age:22
3. Sex:male
4. Location:los angeles, CA
5. Screen Name:donwolfee

6. What do you think about Anarchy?: whatever
7. What do you think about Racism?: can be entertaining though i'm not racist. look how funny the kkk is
8. What do you think about Sexism?: I believe in equality in every since of the word
9. How do you feel about Religion?: i dont feel anything about it
10. What’s up with them Vegans/Vegetarians?: i'm neither
11. How about Vivisection?: sucks i guess

12. Favorite Bands: discharge, amebix, wolfpack, disorder, exodus, gbh, motorhead
13. Favorite Books: green eggs and ham
14. Favorite Movies: Born in East LA
15. Favorite Song: Bonded by blood, Exodus

16. What do you think a Skull Punk is?: a punk with a big forehead...
17. What is The Blasphemy Squad?: a squad that starts blampamous rumors
18. Who is Nick Blinko?: beats me
19. Why do you think Skull Punks fuckin’ hate zombiee bastardzzz?: huh?
20. What is SKULLxFUCKING?: my guess is having a dead body giving you a bj
21. Why is Andrew a cock ass?: because his name is andrew???
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